Certification in Sustainability Analytics

Certification in Sustainability Analytics

The Program

The Earth Institute and Columbia University’s School of Continuing Education developed the new Certification in Sustainability Analytics to address the need to formally train managers in specific quantitative and technical skills central to practicing sustainability.

The management adage “What Gets Measured Gets Done” is particularly true as it relates to the implementation of sustainability initiatives. The Certification in Sustainability Analytics trains professionals to develop skills in analytic methods and quantitative analysis that enable practitioners to measure, report, and communicate the sustainability of organizations, products, and services. 

Upon completion of this program, students will possess the knowledge and tools to track sustainability indicators, analyze and interpret data, and report upon the findings to industry, nonprofit and government decision makers. The certificate focuses on key topics in reporting, accounting, metrics and indices, and monitoring procedures.  Students who complete the certificate will have a strong framework that can be used to benchmark performance and develop future sustainability initiatives.

The Faculty

Course instructors include both practitioners who are leaders in their respective fields of earth science, environmental management and the implementation of measures to limit an organization’s environmental footprint.

The Curriculum

The Certification in Sustainability Analytics Requires the successful completion of 12 credits, where students choose four 3-point courses from the following course offerings:

  • Sustainability Metrics
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Sustainability Management
  • Energy Analysis for Energy Efficiency
  • Decision Models and Management
  • GHG Emissions: Measuring and Minimizing the Carbon Footprint
  • Green Accounting
  • Sustainability Communication Strategy and Reporting
  • Statistics for Sustainability Management
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

Students may also specialize in sustainable finance, by choosing from the following 3-point course offerings:

  • Financing the Green Economy
  • Energy Markets and Innovation
  • Global Environmental Markets
  • Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Finance


The Certification in Sustainability Analytics is ideal for sustainability professionals in the New York City metropolitan region.  This certificate is applicable across a variety of industries: financial services, construction, utilities, energy, industrial manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, media, food service, transportation, and technology, among others.

The Certification in Sustainability Analytics can be taken as a complement to other graduate degree programs—or it can be taken separately as a stand-alone certificate. 

All courses are offered in the evening to accommodate the schedules of students working full-time. The certificate can be completed through part-time or full-time enrollment. Students enrolled on a part-time basis can complete the certificate requirements in as many as four semesters. Students enrolled on a full-time basis can complete the certificate requirements in one semester.

The Community

Certification in Sustainability Analytics students are members of both the Earth Institute and Columbia University School of Continuing Education communities. The Earth Institute affiliated with over 30 academic programs at Columbia University and has developed numerous innovative courses training students to understand and address the pressing and complex issues of environmental protection and sustainability. The Earth Institute, with its 30 research centers and programs, is conducting and applying interdisciplinary scientific research to address many cross-cutting issues, while training a new generation of problem solvers to tackle these issues in all areas of society. Finding solutions to one problem involves tackling other related challenges within complex systems.

Certification in Sustainability Analytics students are an integral part of our network of emerging sustainability professionals, and are encouraged to take advantage of all University and co-curricular events and resources.

To Apply

Admission to the program is highly selective. Prospective students interested in learning about the program are encouraged to contact Allison Ladue, assistant director.

The deadline for fall 2013 enrollment has passed.

For more information about tuition and fees, please visit the School of Continuing Education website.

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Allison Ladue
Assistant Director
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